Manjaanbazam Cadet Colleges System arranges tours and excursions for Cadets to discover historical landmarks and venues; these also include study tours and some taste of adventure training (according to age).

Moreover, Cadets are provided the opportunity to visit Pakistan Military Academy, KAKUL and Para Trooping School, & Mangla Dam, twice in an academic year and different Military Training Centres.

Attock Fort

Taking into account the age and interests of the children and the curriculum being covered, school tours are arranged by the school to present the children with a new environment in which they can observe, investigate and relate their findings to their own environment.


Pakistan Military Academy.

Army Training Centres.

Para School Peshawar.

Water Sports at Mangla.

Rock Climbing & Mountain Craft at Cherat.


Post Offices.


Pakistan Day Parade.


Power Generation Projects.

District Management Offices.

Recreational Trips.

Railway Station.



If you fulfill the following conditions, you are eligible to apply in Class VI: Age: The candidate must under 13 years of age on 07 August of the year of Entry. No relaxation of age, even of a single day, is permissible. Educational Standard: The candidate must have passed Class V or equivalent. Those studying in Class V currently, can also apply. Admission to First Year Class: A few vacancies may arise in the Class XI due to any reason. These vacancies are filled on the basis of the result of written examination, interview and medical test. Moreover, the candidates must have obtained more than 80% or equivalent marks in their SSC Board exams in order to apply for admission.
The candidate must not be over 13 and under 12 years of age on 1st April of the year of Entry. No relaxation of age, even of a single day, is permissible.
Please explore Procedure to Apply