The idea of MANJAANBAZAM CADET COLLEGE SYSTEM was conceived in 2014 by present General Officer Commanding Maj General Tahir Masood Bhutta. It was implanted on ground by first construction of the infrastructure. The dedicated and motivated team worked day night under direct supervision of Maj Gen Tahir Masood Bhutta, and 70% of infrastructure was complete in a record time of one year. Manjaanbazam Cadet College received 225 cadets as the first batch of cadets in April 2016. Despite shortfalls in infrastructure and other facilities the parents and cadets showed outstanding zeal and will to learn under stressed environments, this sacrifice of the cadets and the parents have special pages in the history of MANJAANBAZAM CADET COLLEGE SYSTEM and a role model for the times to come.

Barotha Campus started in Oct, 2015, whereas, Ghazi Campus received its first entry on 9th of April 2016. Entry for Cherat campus has been planned, awaiting completion of accommodation.

The core theme of MJCCS is its Quran & Iqbal Department which seeks holistically personality development of cadets, to include their intellectual, moral and spiritual progression through impartation of Quranic Education and Iqbaliyat. To achieve this MJCCS has developed its own PG to XII class curriculum which helps to enable the cadets to become holistically developed personalities. MJCCS aims at helping students discover their true genius in line with Iqbal's concept of Khudi (Self Actualization).

The same finds manifestation in motto of MJCCS – 'Actualize Thyself'.

Our Objectives

  • Achieve academic excellence
  • Development of personal and leadership qualities
  • Ensure intellectual advancement
  • Development of leadership qualities
  • Moral up gradation
  • Physical fitness